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عسل شفاست

Honey regulates intestinal function.
Antiseptic and anti-infectious agents treat colic and irritable bowel syndrome. Relieves burns, disinfects the wounds. Reduces inflammation and pain and speeds up treatment.
Reduces the amount of anxiety.
Honey works like housing.Honey makes you sleep calmly.It prevents the formation of cancerous tumors.Prevents stomach acid reflux.
Treats gastrointestinal wounds.

عسل شفاست

Honey with raw garlic destroys the virus and bacterial infections.Honey strengthens sight and soothe sore throat.Honey is a kind of syrup, it eliminates energy and fatigue.
The amount of consciousness increases the mind.Enhances the immune system.Honey supplies nutrients to the body, vitamins and antioxidants.By improving the flow of blood, it prevents heart disease and damage to the veins and especially the capillaries.

عسل شفاست

honey can removes bacteria that cause acne.Diabetic ulcers can be treated topically by using honey.
Dead cells eliminate the skin and make it soft, reduces the lines on the face and eliminates the dryness of the elbows and heels. Honey oftener prevents hair loss and makes hair smoother.Accelerates the metabolism process and causes weight loss.

The producer of natural honey from nature

salamat Honey Company has been serving the health of Iranian families for many years and in order to promote the quantitative and qualitative products with the application of modern science and technology, using modern packaging systems based on GMP standards, the natural honey packaging unit is being built..

Considering the Iranian people’s taste, every day is better than the previous days in serving the honorable people of Iran


  • Gavan honey
    This kind of honey is derived from a plant called Gaz Angabin, which is a shrub with tangled branches. This plant grows in certain regions such as Khansar and Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari mountains.
    Plant has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.
    The miraculous properties of this honey include the treatment of bladder inflammation, immune system enhancement, prostate spasm, rheumatism, anti-gallbladder, osteoporosis treatment, and prevention of MS.
    It also disinfects the digestive system.
    People with diabetes can use this honey.

  • Konar honey
    The Konar tree is generally abundant in the south of the country. The plant has very tasty flowers that provide useful nectar to the bee that has healing properties, including strengthening memory, preventing hair loss, healing of surface wounds, strengthening sexual and nervous functions.
    .It is also useful for children’s growth

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